The Blues? It's the Mother of American music. That's what it is - the source.”

— BB King


Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer Kevin "Fuzzy" Jeffries was born in Chicago Heights, IL on March 15, 1957. He discovered his love for music as a young man playing around with the Xylophones and Guitar. Throughout his journey to becoming a mastering guitarist he began recording with many artists during the early 70's. Determination and dedication to his music lead him to record and perform with famous artists such as Pop Staples and The Staple Singers, Artie "Blues Boy" White, Otis Clay and many more. During the late 90’s, Fuzzy decided to take root in Memphis TN bringing along that same determination and dedication. Shortly after his arrival he was repeatedly invited to record and perform with great blues and Southern Soul performers such as Little Milton, J Blackfoot, Bobby Rush, Bobby Blue Bland and Sir Charles Jones. Fuzzy’s unique style and sound became undeniable and captured the hearts of Memphians and other music enthusiast. In response to his fan base he started recording self-composed tunes resulting in the release of his debut solo album titled, Fuzzy Rocking the Blues. 

In 2004, Fuzzy created a band with his longtime friends of 15 years, Keyboardist Michael "Mike D" Raeford and Drummer Cedric Stewart, whom also played for Bobby Rush, Sir Charles Jones and J Blackfoot. The trio, best at their crafts, perfectly complement each other as they create soulful music from the heart as evidenced in the passion of their music and their performances on record and in concert. They are consummate professionals in every way. Their love for performing and showcasing their musical talents is immediately sensed while observing the joy and passion they naturally display performing on stage. Collaboratively they named themselves Fuzzy Jeffries and The Kings of Memphis.  A hard-hitting, rhythm making group that gives you the feel of true rocking Blues.

Music Doesn't Lie - Jimi Hendrix

Music Doesn't Lie - Jimi Hendrix